Brave Girl Symposium: a soul-nourishing, inspiring, fun & fabulous 4-day gathering of women at a resort along the Boise River in Boise, Idaho.
Brave Girl Symposium is an annual women's convention centered around sisterhood, personal growth, fun, friendship, connection, and brave and beautiful ways to change the world. Four days of soulful talks from world-class speakers, engaging workshops to give you tools for a meaningful life, and hours of sister-to-sister fun and connection. Between the pool, the parties, the art projects, and the gorgeous Boise River area, you'll have the time of your life!

Let's do away with the division of the world... let's reawaken to the feeling of being connected, moving forward, and living intentionally. The world needs the power of our sisterhood... and we need each other! 

Brave Girl Symposium is sponsored by Brave Living - Brave Girls Club with your hosts, founders Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins. You'll discover for yourself why Symposium has gained a reputation for being a life-changing experience... the ultimate girlfriends' getaway or a phenomenal on-your-own adventure.  You gotta get here! 
August 15-18, 2018      Boise, Idaho
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Wednesday, August 15th
Daytime: Bonus Workshops & Art Rooms, Relaxing & Connecting
Evening: Official Kick-Off at the Main Opening Session; Introduction of the theme: WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS!


Thursday, August 16th
Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Main Sessions with fabulous guest speakers, music, soul-work with Melody Ross, and more. Later on Thursday night we'll have our first after-dark girls-only Vintage Pool Party! 
Breaks: Art Rooms, Relaxing, Connecting

Friday, August 17th
Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Main Sessions with incredible more speakers, music, chances to participate, and life-changing soul work with Melody. 
Breaks: Art Rooms, Relaxing, Connecting
Closing Gala: An epic 'Back to the 80's Costume Party'! followed by our traditional show-stopping 11:11 pm 'Wishes & Sparklers on Greenbelt'
Saturday, August 18th
Daytime: Bonus Workshops & Art Room, Relaxing & Connecting

Here's what you can look forward to at Symposium 2018!
- Fun, Sisterhood, Connection, Gorgeous Summertime Resort Setting, Relaxation, Parties
- Soul-healing & connecting activities led by Melody Ross...our most-requested new feature
- Phenomenal speakers to inspire us, get us laughing, teach us, and help us build our soul-muscles and leave us fired up about life! Our 2018 lineup includes the incredible Christine Mason Miller!
- GIRL FUN like you'll find nowhere else! Vintage Pool Party (late night, girls only, fabulous swim caps and old-fashioned swim wear encouraged...or just come and hang out!) AND our 'Back to the 80's Costume Party! More details about these Special Events Here ... see all the fun we have planned and how you can choose to participate in a way that's fun for YOU
- Wildly popular in 2017, Kolleen Harrison is BACK to lead poolside yoga every morning!
- Music: live performances, audience participation, and the second annual All Sisters Choir (open to everyone!)
- Art Room - even more time and space for making soulful, beautiful Brave Girl art together! Your Symposium Tote will contain at least TWO fun and soulful art projects! Visit the open Art Room during any of the breaks to sit side-by-side with your soul-sisters and enjoy some creative time
- An easy pace...more free time for connection & friendship, rest, relaxation, laughter, chilling out....because you need it and deserve it! 
- Luxuriously long meal breaks with lots of options for purchasing and enjoying meals on and off-site
- Optional Workshops on Wednesday & Saturday with phenomenal instructors who have spoken at previous Symposiums! Choose from workshops on art, business, relationships, overcoming, etc. So much to learn and so many wonderful women to learn from! 
- Our beautiful Marketplace for on-site shopping (with a bonus Book-Signing where you can meet some of your favorite authors!)

The 2018 Symposium schedule has been stretched out this year… on the main days (Thursday and Friday) you’ll have big blocks of free time  so you can rest, make art, go for a walk, take a nap, slow down, process what you’ve learned, spend some time getting ready for the evening parties…whatever YOU want to do. The fabulous optional Workshops will be on the ‘wings’…. before and after the main Symposium (Wednesday & Saturday). And anytime during all four days, you'll have access to the open Art Room and countless locations at the Riverside for conversing and connecting with other soul-sisters. 
Kelly Rae Roberts - Creating The Experiences Our Hearts Need Most

“I want you to be radical in the pursuit. RADICAL is your pursuit to tune in and know that your truth teller is your highest, wisest, most brilliant, original essence that you came here with. She knows."

Kelly Rae Roberts is a possibilitarian who believes that art heals. She is an accidental artist who knows from experience that we are made for all of life, including brokenness and wholeness, vulnerability and courage, wisdom and silliness.

You can learn more about Kelly Rae, and all the amazing stuff she does, on her website.


Lavi Chimata - Hope for Healing

“Mental illness is a complex subject and it gets compounded by the stigma associated with it. That’s why I know there are a lot of you out there suffering in silence.”

Lavi Chimata is a seeker of goodness. She is known for her infectious laugh and knock-you-down funny impersonation of her wise & loving dad’s advice. Lavi brings a peaceful energy wherever she goes and has a tremendous desire to help her fellow humans see and understand mental illness for what it really is. 

Kallie Maughan - What Real-Life Superheroes Look Like

“My talk is about a miracle. It’s about a triumph, and how family and friends in a community came together to create a miracle after something really tragic in our family. It’s a story about how to show up… when hard things happen, it’s easy to think that you don’t have anything to offer, or that what you have to offer isn’t good enough… but when people show up and they put their offering on the pile… love can make a miracle.”

Kallie Maughan is known for her lighthearted approach to life – even the hard parts of life. She loves surrounding herself in pretty things and soulful people. Deep down, she believes that there is no such thing as a throw-away human, but that every single person is a multi-faceted wonder.

Kallie is part of the Brave Living team, and has written an incredible book called “Where Our Petals Touch.”



"​By far, one of the most positive, loving , honest, deep feeling, musical, hard laughing, unconditionally accepting events I have ever been to... Thank you EVERYONE for allowing me to share this time with you.... - My heart is totally saturated with good good love."
 -J. Gray

"'The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.' (Socrates) This quote reflects perfectly the Brave Girls Symposium that I attended in Boise, ID this past weekend. Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins and their staff brought together a group of speakers that conveyed the change we need to see in this world! I was absolutely blown away and I am still digesting all of the information, energy and love that was pouring out of the Brave Girl Symposium."
- S. Kinnison

"Last week at this time I attended the life changing Brave Girl Symposium! What an honor and blessing it was! There was truth, honesty, trust, love, respect, guidance, no judgement and sometimes a handy box of tissues to help dry the tears of happiness & tears of needed release!"
-C. Halpin

"Amazing speakers. Hugs, laughs, and tears. Beautiful flowers, beautiful art, beautiful food, and beautiful music. Healing wounds and reconnecting hearts. Diversity in every way. Finding sisters in strangers. Boots and lace. Setting aside lies and rules that just aren't true. Disappointments, weirdness and problems met with kindness and grace.<3 I was insecure and unsure, and she saw me, she heard me and she loved me anyway. I am overwhelmed by the MAGNITUDE of it all. Grateful. Renewed. Ready."
-S. Otto 

"I spent last week at Brave Girl Symposium....I will say, I am personally feeling inspired to channel my work in the world into places that are starving for more compassion, love and self expression. To use my voice to tell my stories and to stand up for those without a voice. To open my heart even MORE even when all it wants to do is shut down. To ask questions when I don't know the answers. To walk gently on the Earth and to keep asking the question, "What can LOVE do?" This is what I can do...right now, right here. "
-F. Bowley

"Thank you Melody & Kathy for everything! I will be forever changed by this amazing experience and the beautiful women I met here. My time with new friends started here but will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for all of you."
-S. Daubar

"My heart has been cracked open and the love is overflowing! To quote the incomparable Yve Evans, 'I'm drinking from my saucer because my cup has overflown.' Thank you to Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins and the many, many Brave Girl volunteers AND hotel staff for creating the most beautiful, loving bubble in which to take it all in, I am forever changed! To quote one of my favorite songs, 'Because I knew you, I am changed for good.'"
-K. Barton

"What a truly wonderful event. As always, the Brave Girls Club outdid themselves at the first annual Brave Girl Symposium. It was a phenomenal three days! Thank you, Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins. You are changing the world and I am honored to be a part of it." 
-A. Bowles

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