BONUS DAY! (Optional)
Our event doesn't start until Thursday, but as a bonus, you're invited to come early and spend time with other Brave Girls at the beautiful, resort-like Riverside Hotel.

Spend some time in our spacious open art rooms (fully stocked with art supplies & special Symposium projects - free with your Symposium ticket!), get exclusive deals in the Brave Girl Shoppe, walk around the hotel gardens (15 acres of them!), spend some time walking along the river (or rent a bike and go for a ride!), try paddleboarding, swim in the pool, eat at one of the hotel's several restaurants (with live music!) or just enjoy some down time for a day (we know you could use it)! 

Late on Wednesday night we will have our first rehearsal for the All Sisters Choir! Everyone is invited to come and sing...information will be at the Information Desk. Don't worry if you can't make it on Wednesday...there will be more rehearsals. 

Enjoy more bonus time on Thursday before Symposium begins. Enjoy our spacious, fully stocked art rooms,  chill to some live music and maybe have lunch at the outdoor Sandbar Grill, walk the greenbelt along the river or rent a bike and ride, shop at the Symposium Marketplace full of beautiful vendor goods and relax while you wait for the event to begin! 

Brave Bus Airport Pick-ups
11am-6pm The beautiful, turquoise flowery bus will be on a loop picking up Brave Girls at the airport and bringing them to the hotel.

Symposium Opening Session (Ballroom)
7:30pm Speakers: Melody Ross & Kathy Wilkins
​​​​8:30pm Concert by the incomparable Yve Evans
Followed by summer treats on riverbank grounds. 

After Yve's performance we'll have an all-sisters choir practice: open to anyone who wants to participate in a later performance at Symposium! 


Early Morning
Optional group walk and/or yoga along the beautiful Boise River.

Morning Session
9am-11am Pixie Lighthorse, Aimee Eoff, D'Laine Bennett 

Connection Time*
11am-1pm Lunch provided​ (plus optional breakout sessions)​​​​​​ 

Afternoon Session
1pm-3:30pm Kallie Maughan, Beth Kempton, Kelly Rae Roberts

Connection Time*
3:30pm-7pm Dinner provided  (plus optional breakout sessions)​​​​​​ 

Evening Session
7pm-9pm Flora Bowley, Orly Avineri, Marq & Melody Ross

Connection Time*
9pm-11pm Art Rooms, Marketplace, Pool, Choir, Relax, Connect, Hang out


Early Morning
Optional group walk and/or yoga along the beautiful Boise River.

Morning Session
9am-11am Anna Oginsky, Liz Brown-Reeves, Margie Romney-Aslett, Katie Kendrick

Connection Time*
11am-1pm Lunch provided (plus optional breakout sessions)​​​​​​ 

Afternoon Session
1pm-3:30pm Liz Del Real Hicks, Caitlin Craig, Yve Evans, Timalee Nevels

Connection Time*
3:30pm-6pm Snacks available for purchase (plus optional breakout sessions)​​​​​​ 

Evening Session
6pm-8pm Jeanne Oliver, Kathy Wilkins, Melody Ross

Closing Celebration & Dinner
8pm-11pm For this party, come dressed in your greatest, most authentic celebratory expression of yourself!  We'll have a fun celebration which includes live music, yearbook signing, lots of photo-taking, festive food, and loads of fun surprises! We'll wrap it all up with sparklers and wishes at 11:11 on the riverbank (it's a Symposium tradition!)


Bonus Day (Optional)

Who wants to rush back home after such an incredible experience?! Stay awhile! Enjoy a relaxing day at the Riverside Hotel. Our art rooms will be open and stocked, so you can spend more time with your new friends. Take a walk along the river, sit in the sunshine, visit one of Boise's many parks. have lunch with new friends, try paddleboarding or kayaking, or rent a bike and explore the Boise Greenbelt along the river. Rest, relax, renew, connect, create...sounds heavenly, doesn't it? 

(We will possibly be scheduling a breakout session or two on Sunday with some of our speakers. We'll know for sure as we get closer.)

* Connection Time
Symposium is all about connection! You'll notice 'Connection Time' specified in the schedule above. This is time to eat a meal together, make art, browse in the Marketplace, sit outside in the sun and chat, take a walk along the beautiful greenbelt...even sneak off for a nap (connecting with yourself is as important as connecting with others). So these are generous blocks of time set aside for use to connect with one another and enjoy all of the things that the Symposium has to offer outside of enjoying the speakers in the Ballroom. Once in a while we might have the opportunity for a break-out session with some of our Speakers during Connection Time as well...we'll let you know about that when you get to Symposium. We may also add a breakout session on Sunday...we'll figure that out as we get closer. XOXO
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