Stephanie Lee

I believe that we all have a vein of potent curiosity that enables us to “figure it out”.

Figure out how to live in a way that feels most true, how to make what we see as beautiful, how to transmute challenges into strength, and how to feel alive and purposeful and connected.

As a kid, I quickly figured out that I could navigate the tumultuous waters of familial unrest by way of making things that felt beautiful to me. Following the crumbs of my curiosity carried me through heartbreak and transitions and periods of time where I felt completely unmoored to anything other than the tender invitation to create.

Now, as a grown up artist, author, and creativity facilitator, I write, paint, and push around all sorts of materials to create real-life art from the pictures in my head. Not realizing as a child that making could become my vocation, I am now honored to pound the dead ends and break-throughs of my own hero’s journey into the gold that illuminates your own figure-it-out genius. Because many artist struggle with making art they feel best expresses what they want it to, I create art and courses to give your curious and beautiful voice a place to shine.

I am the author of the best selling “Semiprecious Salvage: Creating Found Art Jewelry” and co-author of “Plaster Studio:Mixed-Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Carving.

I am also the creator of over a dozen popular online art courses and ebooks which provide easy, step-by-step guidance on how to improve your metalsmtihing skills in my signature “homesteader” style, how to combine plaster, paint, and encaustic medium in two-dimensional work, and how to create original sculpted forms with plaster and found objects.

You can view my work and courses at stephanieleeart.com

Fidel Nshombo

Fidel arrived in Boise, Idaho as a refugee escaping the war-torn Congo, determined to help those vulnerable communities he left behind. He was born in Bukavu but escaped civil war in 1998 at the age of 12. His quest took him through seven African countries in a continuous search for safety, suffering privations and barely surviving some of Africa’s meanest streets, including the Tongogara Refugee Camp in Zimbabwe.

In 2011, Fidel was honored for his human rights work and for becoming a US citizen by Boise City Mayor, David Bieter, who presented him with a flag flown over the Boise Capitol building. He currently sits on the Mayor’s Refugee Steering group while traveling across Idaho and the US sharing his story to inspire people and bring awareness about refugee resettlement. Additionally, Fidel is a vice chair of the UN Refugee Congress, a nationwide advocacy agency for immigrants, where he also serves as a refugee youth mentor.

Other accolades include keynote speaker at the inauguration of the Idaho Human Rights Education Center Book Club; receiving the Idaho Refugee Integration and Success Award from the Idaho Office for Refugees; presenter at the Refugees in the Heartland Conference in Iowa and at the Martin Luther King Day celebration at the Idaho Capitol Rotunda; and presented with the Boise Police department at the NACOLE Conference in Utah promoting the new Police Refugee Liaison Officer position in 2013, a model that has improved the interaction between refugees and Law Enforcement in Idaho.

Christine Mason Miller
Christine Mason Miller’s mission to inspire has provided the foundation for a body of work that has generated seven figures in retail sales through commercial illustration, licensing, gallery exhibits, writing, teaching and speaking since 1995. Her latest book, about her travels to India, will be released in 2018. Learn more at christinemasonmiller.com.
Elaine Brye

Elaine Lowry Brye is a mom who knows about letting go.  Like many moms, she cried when her kids left home, wishes they’d call and write more, and spends sleepless nights worrying about them.  But Elaine’s tears and concerns are even more poignant than most mothers’—because Elaine is the mom of four military officers, one each in the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines.

An Army brat turned ROTC candidate turned military wife, Elaine never expected her kids to have a call to serve, and certainly didn’t expect all four to join up.  Three of her kids—two sons and a daughter—attended the Naval Academy, and it was there that Elaine got her own calling: began a sixteen-year journey of helping moms and dads adjust to their strange, new, lonely lives as military parents. She also spent a year teaching in Kabul, Afghanistan where she experienced life in a war zone. Her love of her country and desire to support her fellow parents led to her to write Be Safe, Love Mom: A Military Moms Stories of Courage, Comfort, and Surviving Life on the Homefront.  Her newest project is developing Be Brave and Be Strong Retreats for military moms to be held at her new home in Montana

Whether you are a military mom or a woman grappling with the issues that come with life, Elaine has words of support and encouragement for you.  You can practice being brave and strong and craft the purposeful life you want to live. It is never too late to start.


Elaine's Facebook

Becky Preece

As a child, Becky knew she wanted adoption to be part of her life story, but she never imagined it would entail a little boy with Down syndrome growing up in an orphanage in Moscow, Russia, nor that her son would become one of the "stuck" children who had been legally adopted but unable to leave the country because of the newly enacted ban on American adoption of Russian children. This introverted mom was suddenly thrust into the spotlight, taking on not only the Russian government, but her own doubts and fears as she spent over a month in Moscow, fighting to bring her son home.

Melsha Shea

Melsha has spent the last five years diving deep into the work of worthiness, finding beauty in the simple things, practicing gratitude, making some of her biggest dreams come true through a million little baby steps, living intentionally and engaging with her soul goals from a space of vulnerability and authenticity. 

It is her passion to help people know the value of who they are. It is her passion to help others remember that they are important, they matter and they are enough exactly as they are right now. She hosts gatherings of women’s circles, workshops & events, in her Clubhouse, just outside Edmonton, AB, Canada. Online, she welcomes you to Accountability Tribes, Vibration Board Workshops and #SummerOnPurpose. She is a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor, a Reiki 3 Practitioner, a Lifestyle Meditation Instructor and an avid student of life. 

“Past lessons have brought me to this very spot: you & I connecting in this present moment. For that, I am grateful.”

Her HappyJoyPlay adventures find her chasing sunsets, climbing trees, stargazing, enjoying campfires, creating meaningful moments, playing in the mountains, and tossing confetti to celebrate it all!

Cheryl Robinson
Tara Royer Steele

I'm Tara Royer Steele.  I live in Brenham, Texas, but at times I feel I live in Round Top, Texas.  I love our heavenly father and fall in love with him more and more everyday.  He amazes me with his love, mercy, kindness and grace.  He pours out abundantly.   I'm married to Rick Steele, he's my best friend, my business partner in everything and he leads so well.  We have two boys, Brayden and Bentley!  They are joy.  Joy.  Joy.  They are straight up boys.  Dirt, baseballs, dirt, footballs, video games and full of snuggles for their momma.  

I grew up in our family business, Royers Round Top Cafe & am the cafe's catering director.  Together we have Royers Pie Haven & Two Sparrows Roasting Company in Round Top, Texas.  They are businesses built around a place to rest, great food, drink & relationships.  We also have, The Brave Gathering, our favorite.  We hold yearly camps for men and women to gather, rest, to strip back the layers added by the earthly world and get back to who they were originally created to be.  We hold the camps at amazing venues throughout Round Top, but recently bought 7 acres to host camps.  Over the last 31 years in Round Top, I have gone through hard things & when I truly began to KNOW & understand God and his plan, there was a shift in everything.  I was able to learn from my life experiences and share them with others.  I love to meet people right where they are & just love.

Susan Sanelli Hammack

Susan is a visual artist, expressive arts facilitator, and life coach from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Like you, she has survived many trials throughout her life and has made it her mission to use these difficulties to develop wisdom, empathy and grit. After multiple personal experiences of tremendous liberation and healing, she began what is now a ten year journey to develop spiritual, creative, and experiential practices which she calls “artful soulful” to support herself and others to move from pain to power.

Among her creations is the healing curriculum Shadow and Substance (for women who are ready to make peace with their story and begin the beautiful journey of moving beyond their wounds) and the queen-themed retreat In Her Own Rite (a celebration of the queen in every woman).

Susan’s greatest hope for women is that they will ROOT themselves in body and spirit, in community and love and RISE into their unique purpose.


Melody Ross
Co-Founder of Brave Girls Club. Famous worldwide for her gorgeous trademark art, Melody has become even more beloved for her very personal voice, the voice of someone who has earned life's wisdom the hard way, and has learned to treasure its joys all the more. 
A gifted writer, artist, visionary, and most of all teacher and creator of the powerful Brave Girl curriculum (beginning with 'Soul Restoration') Melody teaches soul-to-soul the profound and joyful messages that help us become our bravest, strongest selves.
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