Below, you'll find details on all the parties, activities, and other special events happening during Symposium. All of these are included in your ticket price! From vintage swimming soirees, to our everyone's-invited All Sisters Choir, to an 80's costume party and MUCH MORE, Symposium is absolutely packed with fun and adventure, laughter and learning, rest and creating, gathering and connecting. Learn all about it below, and be sure to pack your costumes... this is going to be a blast!

We’ve put together the best of all worlds for our mid-event summer soire! Now it’s your turn to put together a fun or glamorous swimming costume or sundress, complete with a flowered swim cap or big floppy summer hat that will have you fitting right in with the Gatsby’s. 

It’s a no-boys allowed pool party, complete with umbrellas in your drinks, live music and a few performances of dazzling synchronized swimming that will unforgettably knock your swim caps off.

There will be prizes for best costumes, and even the chance to do a synchronized swim routine of your own, if you dare. Dancing beside the water, chatting with your new pals and a photo booth and photographer will make this an event that we will all look back on forever with giddy nostalgia!


Get your parasols and swim caps bedazzled and join us for the summer event of the year!


Come walk like an Egyptian in your like, totally elbow-high jelly bracelets with your aqua-net hair even higher at our gnarly 80’s dance & karaoke finale party! You get to wear your sunglasses at night!

Since you’re too cool for school now, you get to be like, totally 80’s. Whether it’s the satin shorts of Richard Simmons, the sparkle and shoulder pads of Dynasty, the mohawk of Mr.T, the spandex of Motley Crue or even the spandex leotards and headbands of Jane Fonda… YOU get to CHOOSE your RAD 80’s best!

Get with your valley girls and do an 80’s power ballad in our karaoke contest or jam it out to Thriller in an epic line dance… or just stand back and watch it all unfold amongst the splatter paint, the neon and enormous earrings.

I’m so sure, it’s going to be a totally tubular time with prizes, music, food and all sorts of nostalgic surprises that will remind you that you’re only as old as you feel.

​​​Get yourself into a thrift store ASAP and get PSYCHED! You do not want to miss this event! 
Totally righteous!!! Can’t wait to see you there!


​​​​​​Blue eyeshadow
Blue mascara
​​​​​​​High Top Reeboks
​​​​​​​Guess Jeans
​​​​​​​Boondoggle keychain​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Friendship bracelets
​​​​​​​Trapper Keepers
​​​​​​​Rubik’s Cube
​​​​​​​L.A. Gear
​​​​​​​T-Shirt clips-buckles
​​​​​​​Chia Pets
​​​​​​​Super Mario Brothers
​​​​​​​Pac Man
​​​​​​​Bon Jovi
​​​​​​​Cabbage Patch Kids
​​​​​​​Reebok Pumps
​​​​​​​Reading Rainbow
​​​​​​​Punky Brewster
​​​​​​​California Raisins
​​​​​​​My Buddy doll
​​​​​​​Charles in Charge
​​​​​​​Paula Abdul
​​​​​​​Family Ties
​​​​​​​Growing Pains
​​​​​​​Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
​​​​​​​Back to the Future
​​​​​​​Scratch n Sniff
​​​​​​​Lisa Frank
​​​​​​​Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
​​​​​​​He-Man and She-Ra
​​​​​​​New Kids on the Block
​​​​​​​The Golden Girls
​​​​​​​Bill & Ted
​​​​​​​Wayne’s World
​​​​​​​Married with Children
​​​​​​​Strawberry Shortcake
​​​​​​​Fraggle Rock
​​​​​​​Never-ending Story
​​​​​​​Carmen SanDiego
​​​​​​​Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
​​​​​​​Belinda Carlisle
​​​​​​​Commodore 64
​​​​​​​The Cosby Show
​​​​​​​Donkey Kong
​​​​​​​Billy Idol
​​​​​​​Tears for Fears
​​​​​​​The Outfield
​​​​​​​Dirty Dancing
​​​​​​​Inspector Gadget
​​​​​​​The Smurfy
​​​​​​​Full House
​​​​​​​Care Bears
​​​​​​​Hungry Hungry Hippos
​​​​​​​The Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian
​​​​​​​Rainbow Brite
​​​​​​​Bryan Adams
​​​​​​​Kenny Loggins
​​​​​​​The Talking Heads
​​​​​​​Tammy Faye Baker
​​​​​​​Huey Louis and the News
​​​​​​​Dead or Alive - You Spin Me


Mister Mister
Cory Heart
Lady Di
​​​​​​​Thompson Twins
​​​​​​​Talk Shows
​​​​​​​Soap Operas
​​​​​​​We Are the World
​​​​​​​Stevie Wonder
​​​​​​​Punk rockers
​​​​​​​Neon and Spandex
​​​​​​​School House Rock
​​​​​​​Motley Crue
​​​​​​​Howard Jones
​​​​​​​The Bangles
​​​​​​​Air Supply
​​​​​​​The Police
​​​​​​​Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
​​​​​​​Wang Chung
​​​​​​​Ghost Busters
​​​​​​​Twister game
​​​​​​​Acid Wash Jeans
​​​​​​​Collars Up
​​​​​​​Denim Vests
​​​​​​​Crimped Hair
​​​​​​​Die Hard
​​​​​​​Top Gun
​​​​​​​The Terminator
​​​​​​​Roger Rabbit
​​​​​​​Weird Science
​​​​​​​Return of the Jedi
​​​​​​​Indiana Jones​​​​​​​Richard Simmons
Boy George
Whitney Houston
Axl Rose
​​​​​​​Heavy Metal Bands
​​​​​​​Jane Fonda
​​​​​​​Big Hair
​​​​​​​Cindy Lauper
​​​​​​​Magnum PI
​​​​​​​Miami Vice
​​​​​​​Mr. T
​​​​​​​Pat Benatar
​​​​​​​16 Candles
​​​​​​​Pretty In Pink
​​​​​​​Breakfast Club
​​​​​​​Better Off Dead
​​​​​​​Some Kind of Wonderful
​​​​​​​Benny and Joon

​​​​​​​REO Speedwagon
​​​​​​​Duran Duran
​​​​​​​Lionel Ritchie
​​​​​​​Slap bracelets
​​​​​​​Banana Clips
​​​​​​​Hair Scrunchies
​​​​​​​plastic bracelets
​​​​​​​Jelly Shoes
​​​​​​​Stirrup pants
​​​​​​​Pegging pants
​​​​​​​Ghetto Blasters
​​​​​​​Mix Tapes
​​​​​​​The GoGo’s


Kathy, Melody, and their sisters and brothers grew up making music together, for fun and professionally. Kathy has decades of experience as a world-class choir director, and has an amazing gift for choosing, teaching, and leading music. If you've never had the chance to sing in a group, you need to try it at least once! If you have, you know how exhilarating and powerful an experience it can be. This is something we've known for a long time, but even science is catching on! Studies are proving that singing releases endorphins that make us smarter, happier, healthier, and more creative. Here are some wonderful experiences enjoyed by members of last year's choir  that they shared with us:

*connecting on a deep soul level, more than words alone can
*sharing a tender message that couldn't really be spoken
*show love to self and fellow choir members and the audience
*a way to unify people from all walks of life
*heart-to-heart connection

Whether you have been singing your whole life or you'd just like to give it a try, we hope you'll join with Melody, Kathy, their sisters, and other Brave Girls as we practice together and give special performances during Symposium sessions. 


Join me in the morning poolside, for gentle, soulful, rise n’ shine yoga.  You do not need any prior yoga experience, just show up - come exactly as you are.  It is a beautiful way to begin your morning — to connect within, and to find a bit of stillness.  Yoga is a gift we give to ourselves and it is for everybody and EVERY body!! 

(Plus, I would love to give you a big ol’ squeeze!!)

As we have in previous years, we'll have some of the stellar authors present at Symposium doing book signing events! We'll provide more details about book signings as Symposium gets closer!