Bonus Workshops
Our fabulous Workshops are a bonus feature held before and after the 'official' Symposium Events! These wonderful workshops are sponsored and arranged by the individual Workshop Facilitators. What a treat to have a full hour with these amazing women!!! 

Check out the schedule and bios below. Some workshops ask for preregistration to reserve a seat, but they will also accept attendees at the door as long as there is room. And all of the fabulous facilitators are offering these workshops at no charge!

When you arrive at Symposium, you will receive a full Workshop Schedule Booklet. In the meantime, here is a preview to get you excited about the possibilities! 

12:00 Noon - All Sisters Choir (Sapphire Room)
1:00 pm Liz Brown-Reeves (Delamar Room)
2:00 pm Pixie Lighthorse (Cinnabar Room)
3:00 pm Timalee Nevels (Delemar Room)
4:00 pm Lavi Chimata (Cinnabar Room)
5:00 pm Aimee Eoff (Delamar Rom)
10:00 a.m. Susan Sanelli Hammack (Liberty Room)
1:00 pm Timalee Nevels (Liberty Room

Note: The All Sisters Choir will also rehearse at 12:30 pm (during lunch) on Thursday and Friday in the Sapphire Room.
12:00 Noon Wednesday, Sapphire Room
All Sisters Choir
Everyone is invited! Fun, beautiful, meaningful & easy music we'll perform during a main Symposium session. 
Also 12:30 pm Thursday and Friday
1:00 pm Wednesday, Delamar Room
Liz Brown-Reeves
The 12-Steps in Your Daily Life

Join Liz for this exciting workshop based on the twelve steps of recovery. With over thirteen-years of solid sobriety, Liz shares her compelling (and still unfolding) life story, the twelve-step tools she practices to shed the suffering of addiction, and how anyone can apply these guidelines to directly attack the chaos of life.
Although you'll be reminded of the serious consequences of addiction, no one has ever accused Liz of being glum. When she's not laughing at herself, she's striking the funny bone of the audience with hilarious stories that conclude in "lightbulb moment" lessons that anyone can relate to.   

You might cry. You'll definitely laugh. And, without question, you'll leave with a full heart!


(See bio below)
2:00 pm Wednesday, Cinnabar Room
Pixie Lighthorse
Sacred and Brave

Sit in circle with the author of Boundaries & Protection, Pixie Lighthorse, to journey and process what it means to walk in a sacred way.

Begin with a gentle reset for your interior council (all of the players in your mind/body/spirit that inform how you live).

Confront past and present beliefs that challenge notions of less-than and not-good-enough.

Release judgments, fears and defenses.

Grow your courage to face difficult situations and conversations while setting your GPS coordinates to SACRED. 

Drumming and visualization included.

This workshop is free, and all ages are welcome to attend.

(See bio below)

3:00 pm Wednesday, Delemar Room
Timalee Nevels
Body Love 101

 "When I spoke about my journey to body love last year at Symposium, I had so many women of all sizes and abilities come up to talk to me about their own journey.  Whether you’re aiming for body love, or just plain body acceptance or peace, this workshop might be for you.  

We’ll talk a bit about how we as a nation have gotten to where we are with body obsessions and body shame.  We’ll talk about starting at whatever point you’re at on the body love spectrum.  We’ll talk about simple steps we can take to move along that spectrum.  And, we’ll talk about how you can begin to use your voice to advocate for all humans to love the body they’re in and put an end to our societies notion that unless we fit a specific mold of body perfection, we have less worth."

Pre-register to Save Your Seat HERE (Free)

(See bio below)

4:00 pm Wednesday, Cinnabar Room
Lavi Chimata
Mental Health 101: Thought Patterns & Mindfulness

"In this workshop, we will discuss cognitive distortions or inaccurate thought patterns that are the basis of many symptoms of mental illness such as uncontrollable thoughts and persistent negative thinking. We will also learn mindfulness techniques that can help reduce these inaccurate thought patterns. There will also be time for questions at the end.

My hope is that you will come away with information and tools that can help you to know that you are not alone and that there are ways to live a better life."


(See bio below)

5:00 pm Wednesday, Delamar Room
Aimee Leigh (Eoff)
Learn The Language Of Your Soul And Live Intuitively

How does your intuition speak to you? What does it sound like, feel like, look like? Do you listen to it and hold it as a precious, wise, and sacred part of you? 

In this workshop experience guided visualization meditation, journaling, and soul to soul communication as we explore the language of your soul. Learn to identify your own unique essence and cultivate a relationship with self where you become your own guide, trusting yourself and creating a life that is true to your heart. Connect with your intuition and your magic ability to guide yourselves to create a life you love. A life in alignment with who you truly are in body, mind, and soul. 

Bring a pen and journal. 
Pre-Register or register at the door

(See bio below)

10:00 a.m. Saturday, Cinnabar Room
Susan Sanelli Hammack
Answering the Queen's Call

"You’ve been inspired by the speakers, celebrated all you’ve survived, and partied down! Now it’s time to give yourself space to integrate the week’s lessons, connect on a more personal level with your newfound sisters, and answer the question “So you’ve moved what?”

If the call to Queendom is tugging on you, I hope you’ll answer and join me exploring how the mountains you’ve moved and the lessons you’ve learned are a royal remedy for our ailing planet! 

You are a Queen sister, it’s time to bless your realm."


(See bio below)
1:00 pm Saturday, Cinnabar Room
Timalee Nevels

Back home… finding, recognizing and creating your tribe

'One thing I heard over and over again last year at Symposium from women just like you was “This love bubble is great, but I don’t have this back home”. 

In this interactive workshop, we’ll build a road map that will help you find and recognize your tribe and create one if necessary.  I’ll be sharing the collective wisdom of my wonderful tribe, and we’ll incorporate the ideas of all the women in the circle to give you an action plan to implement when you get back home!'

Pre-register to Save Your Seat Here (free)
(See bio below)

Workshop Facilitator Bios

Liz Brown-Reeves
Liz Brown-Reeves is known for her authentic story which includes her recovery from alcoholism and for being able to get a whole room roaring with laughter. She is driven by a desire to be of service to her fellow sisters and brothers in the world and uses her own experiences to share strength, hope and courage with others.

Pixie Lighthorse

Pixie Lighthorse is the author of the Prayers of Honoring Series. Lighthorse received her training in western shamanism between 2003-2012. She was born in California, and grew up among farms, ranches, animals, and wildlife. She studied literature and art at Cal State Northridge and several other higher learning institutions. She is an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Feminine and earth-centered sensibilities form the cornerstones of her work. She lives with her family in Central Oregon.

PS. Pixie will also be signing her books at our Friday Lunchtime Book Signing! 

Timalee Nevels
Hello!  I'm Timalee.  When I meet people and they ask me what I do, they often want to know what brought me to this work.  

I hid behind a cardboard cutout for 20+ years, hiding my pain, trauma and the truth of what my life was.  I grew up believing that I was not enough, that any 'wins' in my life were not my own and that I was a fraud that would surely be found out at any moment.  It is because of my connection to amazing women who helped me find the courage to stand in my truth, to tell my truth, to heal my truth that I learned to live more authentically.  

Connecting with women has been a critical mainstay in my adult in my life as I discovered more about myself.  I first learned to circle with the women of the Bloodhut who took me in and showed me how it feels to belong.  I found not only sisterhood, but a career at Girl Scouts where there is a 105 year tradition of sitting in circle.  It's there that my passion for lifting up women of all ages was born and my gift for it was revealed.​

I'm proud to be a Brave Girls Club Certified Instructor and teach the beloved, life changing course, Soul Restoration as well as a full complement of other Brave Girls workshops.​

I’m excited to share my passion for lifting up all women in their own journey and can’t wait to sit with you in circle.

Lavi Chimata, MA, LPC, NCC   
Lavi believes that taking care of one’s mental health is vital. As someone who has gone to counseling herself, she understands and empathizes with the client’s perspective. Lavi creates a safe environment where clients can freely express themselves and receive support tailored to their needs.

She draws upon her extensive education background to deliver counseling grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy, person centered therapy, play therapy, and medicine. She has also been trained in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), mindfulness, reiki, and Soul Restoration (a Brave Living course).

Lavi believes that your story matters. She feels honored to listen to your story and to help you to live your best life.  Contact Lavi at:

Aimee Leigh Eoff

A visionary of spirit, truth, and empowerment planting soul seeds in the world.

"My work is about inspiring others to see themselves as a capable, luminous being and to live life intuitively empowered, radiating out to the world while creating conscious harmonious impact. 

I believe when we live intuitively, we experience more clarity, joy, and alignment which affects our families, communities and the world. 

I believe if we each manage our own energy and allow ourselves to be the highest vibration of self, we make decisions that are aligned with our truth and at a higher level of consciousness awakening ourselves and our world.

I believe it begins with each of us. That as we create a life that is in alignment with who we truly are we cultivate a deep sense of joy and ease that affects us all. We make decisions out of trusting ourselves and our visions, not out of fear which keeps us small.

I believe developing our intuition and learning to see our visions, hear our inner voice, connect with our senses and know our truth is the key to individual and global well being.

I am passionate about supporting others on their journey to experience life in the present moment, know who they are as spirit and to create a life that is fluid, joyful and inspired."

Susan Sanelli Hammack
Susan is a visual artist, expressive arts facilitator, and life coach from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Like you, she has moved many mountains throughout her life and has made it her mission to use these difficulties to develop wisdom, empathy and grit. After multiple personal experiences of tremendous liberation and healing, she began what is now a ten year journey to develop spiritual, creative, and experiential practices which she calls “artful soulful” to support herself and others to move from pain to power.

Among her creations is the healing curriculum Shadow and Substance (for women who are ready to make peace with their story and begin the beautiful journey of moving beyond their wounds) and the queen-themed retreat In Her Own Rite (a celebration of the queen in every woman).

Susan’s greatest hope for women is that they will ROOT themselves in body and spirit, in community and love and RISE to claim their unique Queendom.

PS. Susan will have a selection of her fabulous hand-painting handbags in the Shoppe at Symposium. Be sure to drop in and check them out...they are incredible! 


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